Stonelake Morgans
143 Lexington-Carlton Rd
Lexington, Ga 30648


Breeding Contract

Stallion Owner: Stonelake Morgans
Name of Stallion___Carringtons Choctaw                     reg # 41118

Mare Owner(s)___________________________________________________________________________________
Address of Mare owner(s)__________________________________________________________________________
Name of Mare___________________________________________________________reg #____________________
Age of Mare_________  Color___________________Last foaling (live foal) date________# of days in heat cycle______


1. The mare owner (s) shall deliver to Stonelake Morgans: a) A negative coggins test made within 6 months, and a negative uterine culture with a certificate of uterine health made within 60 days of the mare's arrival; if Stonelake Morgans provides this service, it will be at the Mare owners expense and the mare will not be serviced until a clean culture  is obtained.  Be aware that the mare Mare needs to be in season for a good culture to be obtained.  b) A copy of the mares health certificate showing current vaccinations for Equine Influenza, tetanus, encephalitis (eastern and western), rhinopneumonitis, within the past 6 months.

2.  Hind shoes must be removed from the mare before arrival and the mare must be halter broken.

3. The mare owner(s) agree to pay all veterinary and farrier charges for necessary health care.

4.  Live Foal guarantee: to the extent that if the mare does not produce a live foal (to stand and nurse) the mare can be returned for rebreeding within 24 months from the first date bred for no charge except mare care/ necessary health and farrier expenses.

5.  Should the Stallion die or become breeding disabled (verified by a licensed veterinarian) before the mare is first serviced pursuant to this agreement, this agreement shall be terminated and Stonelake Morgans shall return to the mare owner, the breeding fee paid by the mare owner, less any boarding and miscellaneous fees.  Should the Stallion die or  become breeding disabled after the mare has been first serviced and should the mare fail to procure a live foal, the Stonelake Morgans shall provide another Stonelake Morgans owned stallion to service the mare within 24 months from the first date bred.

6.  Should the mare die before producing a live foal, the mare owners shall have the right to substitute another mare, acceptable to Stonelake Morgans for reservicing according to the same terms and conditions for the original mare.

7. Service of mare by another stallion after mares departure from Stonelake  Morgans  will null and void the return privileges under this contract.

8. Mare owners agree that they nor their representatives will, under any circumstances, hold Stonelake Morgans, and its owners, agents, or employees (or the owners, employees or agents of any other establishment where the above stallion shall stand at stud) responsible for injury, death, loss, or damage of any kind that may occur to horses, individual or equipment while at Stonelake Morgans (or the premises of their agents).  If said mare is insured, give name and telephone number of the Insurance Co. so it can be notified in case of loss, which is required:
Ins. Co ______________________________________________________________________________________.

9. Mare owners herby certifies that he/she has full title and registration for said mare, or if mare is leased, give name, address, and phone number of mare owner and attach copy of lease agreement.
Mare owner___________________________________________________________________________________

10.  This instrument constitutes the entire agreement between mare owners and Stonelake Morgans and there are no agreements, understanding, warranties or representations between them except as set forth herein. This agreement cannot be amended except by writing executed by the mare owners and Stonelake Morgans

Stud Fee   $500.00  (non-Morgan mare $400
Less non-refundable booking fee of $150.00
Balance due________
Mare care per day $8.00/$10.00 wet

Please list any previous health problems, lameness, feeding requirements, special care issues that your mare may require or Stonelake Morgans needs to be aware of to take optimal care of your mare.

Please list any vices of mare (cribbing, weaving, kicking, etc______________________________________________
Stonelake Morgans reserves the right to refuse mares with vices.

Dates of Mares last heat cycle_________to__________

Signature of Stallion owner _____________________________________________________Date_____________

Signature of Mare owner  ______________________________________________________Date_____________