Stonelake Jingle Bells
(Cliffviews Copper Jubilee X Polo Golden Angel )
Dec 5th, 2006 Palomino colt
Photo Album




Videos of Jingo, taken June 6th 2007, 6 months old

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Video 1 -Cantering and Galloping with Calypso 1635 KB
Video 2 -Walking/trotting 855 KB
Video 3 -Trot/Canter - nice extended trot 1450KB
Video 4 -Trot with Calypso 1364 KB
Video 5 -Trotting away from camera 2032 KB
Video 6 -Trot, then canter, close up 1642 KB
Video 7 -Cantering 2130 KB



January 13th
Jingo at almost 6 weeks old

January 28, 2007
Almost 8 weeks old
Jingo is very friendly, loves attention and scratches. 
He is a real sweetheart of a colt!

Jingo on March 5th 2007 at 3 months old

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