Stonelake Calypso

(Carringtons Choctaw  x Copy Me Minuet)
May 31, 2006 Black colt
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Below, pics of Calypso at his new home in Tennessee. Click to enlarge



Calypso, now 4 yrs old, continues to be a stunning black with a lovely and friendly disposition. He is bold and sensible, loves attention from people.  He seems to enjoy his training sessions.  He has been ridden now about 5 times and is totally nonchalant about it.  I am now riding him in the round pen at a walk, have done a few trots without problem.  He flexes well to both side, and has a good whoa on him.  He will be going out on trails soon. Calypso is still intact, pastures with another 4 yr old stallion, a 7 yr old stallion, and his half-brother gelding, Sirrocco.

Calypso in spring 2010, 4 yrs old.  Still a beautiful boy!
















~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Below: Photos taken August 28, 2008~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Calypso at 2 yrs old
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Nov 2008 Photos

Below, Calypsos first time with a saddle on.  He wore it well!


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View video -Taken June 9th. at 1 year old
Calypso at the canter and trot    2425 KB 

Baby pictures



Born May 31st, 2006, Stonelake Calypso Spirit is a breath-taking solid black colt.  Both sire and dam are gorgeous, so this colt can't help but be stunning also.  Born with sass and attitude, he already acts like he owns the world.

May 31st 2006
Here is Calypso, trotting.  He has nice movement
already, possibly will be a nice dressage prospect. 
I know he has a great future ahead of him!

Calypso 3 days old. Since his sire and dam are both black, Calypso may be homozygous for the black gene, I will have him tested soon.

Calypso at 5 days old, with Copy Me Minuet, his dam.

June 12. Calypso at almost 2 weeks old. He is filling out nicely, has a great length of stride,
a beautiful head, long neck on a well laid back shoulder, and an endearing personality.


June 20th, 3 weeks old.

August 11th, 10 weeks old.


August 27, 13 weeks old

May 2007

Here is Calypso, still elegant at 1 yr old
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November 2007, 18 months old


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