My Pilgrimage to Vermont, Home of the Morgan horse


Day 3 - Saturday, August 30th, 2008
Montpelier, VT

This was probably the most stressful day of my life. As I said, I was in Vermont primarily for the purpose of going to my aunts funeral/memorial service.  It was a tearful service, very emotional, as her death was unexpected and tragic. Here is a beautiful photo of the church where her memorial service was.
As we were leaving the service at approx 3:30 pm, my cell phone rang.  It was my husband calling to inform me that our 16 yr old daughter had been in a car wreck.
Again, that is another story....I won't go into detail here but she is OK. Her seatbelt saved her life. 

I just can't seem to find the words I'm looking for
to say the things that I want to say
I can't remember when I felt so close to you
it's almost more than I can bear
And though I seem a half a million miles from you
you are in my heart and living there
Lyrics from Shanghai Breezes - John Denver

Neat old yellow barn with the green mountains in the background, not far from my uncles house.  I passed this farm several times and admired the cheerful yellow paint! They also had some paint horses and donkeys.

Justin, the horse, lived in Montpelier for a while...bought by Jonathan Shepard.  In 1796 he was  advertised at stud by Jonathan Shepard, Montpelier, VT. Shepard often used him in match races with great success.

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