My Pilgrimage to Vermont, Home of the Morgan horse


Day 4-Sunday, August 31, 2008   Montpelier to Bennington

Meandering thru Vermont, making new friends, discovering old ones

Follow me where I go what I do and who I know
make it part of you to be a part of me
follow me up and down all the way and all around
take my hand and say you'll follow me
Follow Me Lyrics - John Denver

Leaving Montpelier for Bennington to visit Candi Rousseau, here are a few interesting things I saw on the way out....

Interesting old Victorian house in town

Old church with a very interesting on church photo to see close up of steeple.

Heading down 89 to Bennington, VT.  I am now headed to Candi Rousseau's farm, Tocara Morgans, to visit her and see her wonderful colorful herd of Morgans.  I left fairly early in the morning so that I would have time to meander southward, take my time, and stop when I wanted to see the sights.

On the way down, I see the sign to Randolph, VT, a town where Justin Morgan, the man lived and kept Figure.  Of course I have to go visit!


Below, Panoramic view of Randolph, Vermont

You see, I'd like to share my life with you and show you things I've seen,
places that I'm going to places where I've been
to have you there beside me and never be alone
and all the time that you're with me then we will be at home.
Follow Me Lyrics - John Denver

Randolph, VT
In Randolph, I smiled to see this sign.  It says "Welcome to Randolph. The Heart of Vermont.  Home of the Morgan Horse" It is a lovely, quaint town with beautiful and colorful hanging flower baskets, clean streets, just a wonderful picturesque  town...more pictures below...

Figure was taken to Randolph by Justin Morgan possibly in spring of 1792, and was advertised at stud by Morgan in 1793, 1794, and 1795.


Store fronts in Randolph

Old train depot in Randolph, it is now a coffee house
that serves breakfast and lunch

The Currier's

I knew that Figures grave was somewhere near Randolph, in Tunbridge, so I opened my Morgan horse directory (yes, I  took it with me!) and randomly picked someone to call in Randolph.  I ended up calling Ken and Jane Marie Currier to ask them if they knew where I could find Figures gravesite.  They graciously invited me to their farm to see their Lippitt Morgans; they were only a few minutes away from where I was. After getting directions to their farm, I arrived to spend about an hour seeing their horses and beautiful Australian Shepherds, which they also raise along with their wonderful Lippitt Morgans. They are reducing their numbers so call them if you would like to acquire a nice Lippitt.  They had several I would love to have! Below is a picturesque view of their farm and horses

I left the Curriers, wishing I could acquire some of their nice horses....I then headed out to find Figures burial area, which they gave me directions to. I, as usual found the "roundabout" way...OK, got lost!  But here are some photos of the countryside along the way.....




Typical of the gently rolling, winding country roads.





Really neat Morgan/trotter weathervane, just down the road from where I soon found Figures burial area.


Figures Memorial site

Finally, after wandering around, and just happened upon the right roads....I found what I was looking for...the memorial to Figure.  I don't think this is his actual resting place, but a memorial area funded by AMHA.  I spent a while here, just in awe and in heartfelt deepness of emotion.  I can't explain the depth of reverence I felt here, the fact that THE Figure himself trod upon this area. The Father of Morgans...the Beginning.

Click to see detailed photo of memorial stone.

Also on the grounds where Justin's memorial is, is the gravesite of Lippitt Mandate.  He was an awesome horse by Mansfield, out of Lippitt Kate Moro, known for his endurance. Lippitt Mandate was owned and shown by Marilyn Childs.  Click on photo to see large photo of headstone.
Here are a couple of photos, one of the road that passes by the farm on which Figure is buried, and a valley on which surely Figure toiled. 


At Candi Rousseau's Tocara Farm

I spent a lovely and very memorial time at Figures memorial site.  But time to head to Candi Rousseau's Tocara Farm to see some current day Morgans!  I had planned to be at her place by 12:30 but alas, due to my wanderings, didn't make it until late afternoon.  After meeting her family and all her critters (chickens and goats as well as the horses) we saddled up and went on a trail ride.  We had a lovely time in the cool of the Vermont evening, moseying through the woods, up and down steep hills.  I was thrilled to be riding Morgans in the state of Morgans, where it all began.  
After our ride, we enjoyed hamburgers and home-fries and macaroni salad, prepared by Candis gracious husband.  We chatted some, and then I went to bed, weary but happy

If I had a day that I could give you
I'd give to you a day just like today
If I had a song that I could sing for you
I'd sing a song to make you feel this way
Sunshine on my Shoulders Lyrics - John Denver

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