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Photo Album
miscellaneous pictures of the farm









My barn, nearing completion.
Black and white headshot of Mandy and Zinnia (2009 foal)
Sunrise at Stonelake




Dusty, our welcoming committee








Rusty in the hay

Photo by Carol Williams


Lacey, Harmony, and Katie, April 2007

Vixie and Matthew May 2007

The 3 amigas
L to R Kahlua, Diva, and Vixie

May 2007



Are you one of the ones who...

wanders out to the barn just because...
worries when one of your charges gets the slightest bit sick...
can be found out with them at 3 am, just checking on the one you're worried about
laughs out loud at the silly things they do
gets stern at the silly things they shouldn't do (but laughs anyways)
takes a deep breath at the newly opened bale of hay...just checking that its just right
misses them deeply when you go "on vacation" and can't wait till you get back to see them again
instinctively know that something is amiss, that little voice, that no one else hears, that tells you not everything is as it should be
spends the night in the barn waiting for the new arrival, only for it to be born 3 weeks later after you turn her out
Loves the scent of fresh leather not bothered by the aroma of fresh piles
has no qualms about grabbing that slimy, gooey shiny membrane to help a newborn out...
marvels at the eye, the majestic-ness and the wise-ness that it holds
takes a deep breath in while hugging a neck, inhaling the musty sweet scent
knows each and every ones different neigh

Don't Cry For The Horses

Don't cry for the horses that life has set free to run among a million white
horses forever to be. Don't cry for the horses now in God's hands, as they
dance and they prance in a heavenly band. They were our's as a gift, but
never to keep...they closed their eyes for awhile to sleep. Their spirits
unbound, on silver wings they fly. A million white horses against the blue
sky. Look up into heaven, you'll see them as the clouds above. The horses we
lost, the horses we've loved. Manes and tails flowing, they gallop through
time. They never were yours, they never were mine. Don't cry for the horses,
they'll be back someday. When our time is done, they'll show us the way.
Say, do you hear that soft nicker, close to your ear? Don't cry for the
horses, love the ones that are here.

~Author Unknown


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