Our trip to Sky Valley, Georgia July 2009









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Lightening strikes!

The first night Doug, Tori and the kids were there, a storm blew up and hit a tree 20-30 feet away from the chalet we were staying in.  Here is Tori and I holding pieces of the tree that blew to smithereens.  The tree is visible behind us.

Train Ride!

Our train ride was very fun, good weather, relaxing.  We rode the train from Bryson City NC to Dillsboro NC and back, with a short layover in Dillsboro, where we ate lunch and did some browsing in the shops.


The families on the stairs at one of the shops....


At the waterfalls on the day we left

Another waterfall picture.

The moth....



We saw several beautiful old barns on our train trip.  It is fascinating to imagine the history and the stories these old barns could tell...
All of these barns photos were taken during the train ride except the last one, which is quite close to Sky Valley.