Horsey Home Receipes

Fly Sprays

Skin-So-Soft works wonders.
Mix 1 cup SSS with 2 cups white vinegar and a big tablespoon of citronella oil.
Inexpensive, works, and they smell great too.

Submitted by Helga

My horse shoer uses:
one gallon vinegar
one cup original Dawn dish liquid.

Caution: while he has not had this happen, it Did happen to me.  I sprayed
in on my bay gelding and it discolored his bay coat.  Not his black legs,
but the bay color.  My hairdresser said that straight vinegar, if it's left
on and not rinsed off after a ride, *could do that.  My gelding bleached
really fast tho'.  On our other lighter colored horses I saw no evidence of

I bought the gallon of vinegar, removed one cup, added the cup of Dawn, and
shook to mix.

Submitted by Julie

Fly Spray
An old recipe I used one summer that worked was to make my own brew using
the old 'antique' brand of bar soap that you can get at hardware
stores...Fels Naptha.  All you do is drop the bar of soap in a gallon ice
cream bucket of water and let it dissolve...which may take a day or 2...and
swill it around a few times to help it along.  You can add another 1/3 of
water and probably vinegar if you wanted.  It's about as cheap to make as
anything and it smells nice. It didn't gum up the spray bottle either.
Linnea told me about that one.
Shery J

Fly Spray
Yes, I am in Washington, South Sound area...yes we have no-see-ums.  I took an empty fly spray bottle, poured Listerine and than my favorite baby oil, (3 parts Listerine, 1 part baby oil) and just shook it up before I spray it.  there is a trainer here than uses this mixture on all his barn horses.  My friend also is a trainer for O'Ryan Farms in Ellensburg, it is a multi million dollar complex, they have a vet on board on the salary payroll (must be nice), and I call him whenever I need an RX mixture, or I need some kind of remedy for something...........any who...he swears by this as well!

Fly Spray
I use Listerine as a fly spray.  Mix 6 parts water. 4 parts apple cider vinegar and Listerine.  1 part mineral oil.  Add a few drops of eucalypts.    Also works great to get rid of dandruff and sweet itch. 
Sarah in NY


Disposable Curry comb:
Use a small piece of hay wrap, fistful sized, to curry a horse.  Curry thoroughly, then dispose of
it!  Makes a great currycomb if you can't find one!!!  Works great!

My rolled hay is done with that green hay wrap.  I was cleaning it up from a used up roll.  I found
a small piece, and since Vixie was begging for scratches, I wadded it up and curried her with it.
Thus, my new invention, a disposable curry comb!
Submitted by Sue

Calming effect
For a nervous horse, try using a drop of Lavender oil on your hands an offer the horses a smell of it.  Most horses like the scent and it will have a calming effect on them.  I t is great before the farrier starts working with them, or any time you want them to relax a little bit.

Smelly Stall
For a smelly stall, just sprinkle  baking soda liberally around wet areas. 

Drinking from a creek/stream
Tie a shoestring to your reins, and you won't have to lean forward while your horse drinks from the stream

Cleaning sheath
Apply petroleum jelly or baby oil the day before cleaning.  work in in well.  The next day clean the sheath as you normally would.  The gunk will be a lot softer and will come out easier.

Saddle pads
For a cheap an easy no-slip pad for your saddle, use the netting type stuff that some people use in the cabinets.

Hoof moisturizer
 Use some hoof moisturizing cream to condition you horses tail.  Let it sit a few minutes, then rinse it out.

Encourage a horse to drink
Add some apple juice to their water.  After they start drinking again, slowly lower the amount of juice added.

Shiny coat
For a beautiful shiny healthy coat, put ground flaxseed in your horses feed.  Never feed whole flax seed unless it is soaked extremely well and mashed a little because it will  make them choke.

Poultice remedy
Take a small handful of Epson salts and add some bran and water, mix until it looks like play-doh.   Place on your horse where needed.  Wrap with saran Wrap, and keep  it together with duck tape.

Hoof abscess:
 If your horse has a hoof injury that needs to be soaked, we have found that a solution of 1/2  apple cider vinegar and 1/2 water is great for an abscess.  We put three heavy duty gallon size plastic bags inside each other and pour in dough vinegar and whatever to cover the hoof.  Tie it around the ankle with twine, then let him graze gently

Bad Thrush
For really persistent or bad thrush, scrub the hoof out good with an old stiff body brush and betadine surgical scrub.  Dry well, and ad and anti fungal.  I fine that Absorbine thrush treatment works well, but white vinegar or rubbing alcohol work well too.  Coat the entire frog and sole with Vaseline, and then put on a layer of hoof moisturizer.  That keeps the water out, and the dirt.

Tack trunk
For a simple, inexpensive tack trunk at the barn, simply find a plastic bin or trunk like the store-it-all trunk from the Container Store, or the 42 gallon bins.

Busted Lead Rope?
Have you ever busted a lead rope? Well, yes probably !  I have.  If you nee done quick, keep a couple of snaps on hand and braid baling twine.  Braid the baling twine through the snap and there you have it, a quick lead rope!

Cleaning copper bits
Clean copper bits with ketchup.  Leave the ketchup on for at least five minutes to let the acid work its magic.  Boil stainless steel bits to remove caked on grime.

Scratches on leather
A tiny bit of mayonnaise can be rubbed into scratches to remove them from leather.   Test this method on a small inconspicuous area of the saddle/bridle first.

Take out manure Stains
Equal parts vinegar and water will take out manure stains.  It is Very important for white and gray horses.

White legs
Baby powder is good for whitening legs before entering the show ring

Thrush Treatment
For shod horses, mix cotton batting infuracin and pack that in the hooves especially around the frog.  It doesn't stain like the greeen treatment, pulls out easily.

Bolting Feed
If you have a horse that bolts their food, put a couple of round, good sized rocks in the bucket. Make sure they are round though so they don't scratch the lips. This slows eating down a little.

Tack repair
Twist ties are great to take riding for those saddle and bridle oops. that are inevitable.  Just twist your bridle, stirrup, or whatever back together.  Use the extra long ties from new water hoses, etc.

Wound healing
Preparation H (without steroids) is great for speedy healing of cuts and scrapes.  Its embarrassing to have in your kit, but what the heck!