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Cliffviews Copper Jubilee
(Rochaven Copper Mtn x Flashback's Jubilee Gypsy)
2004 Palomino colt

Standing at Stud until sold

$500 stud fee, plus mare care

Click here for Coppers photo album

Copper is a personable and lovely palomino stallion, very kind and gentle but has a mischievous way about him.  He has sired several lovely foals, all palomino so far, 2 fillies and 2 colts.  Copper is possibly splash as he has a small blue spot in one eye.  Quite a few of his ancestors have lots of white markings, and he has a sibling with a blue eye. I can't wait till they come out with the technology to test for this gene as he will be the first one I test!


November 16, 2008.

Coppers 5th ride.  He is coming along, very accepting to everything.  I saddled him completely loose today, just put the pad and saddle on, then put his bridle on.  We lunged a few minutes, then rode about 15 minutes.

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Here is a nice head shot of Copper, Nov 2008

Copper is an elegant, sporty palomino Morgan stallion.  He is gentle as a lamb, but yet has tremendous presence.  He is very heavy in Flyhawk breeding, having 22 crosses to the great stud thru his many Funquest lines. Copper is naturally sporty, having a very nice extended trot with lots of power to it.  He takes naturally to jumping, going over caveletti without hesitation. He has been saddled and lunged with the saddle, and ground driven also. He takes all things in stride, accepting new things without fuss.  I love his powerful yet gentle disposition.  He loves to be scratched, and comes up to me in the pasture if I have a halter, and puts his head down for the halter as if to say "Lets play!"

Copper will stand for this breeding season to a limited number of mares.  Stud fee $500, $5.00/day mare care. 


Coppers Progeny:
All of Coppers foals have had his sweet, mischievous personality! They are people loving horses, outgoing and bold, yet tractable and sensible
1) Stonelake Jingle Bells, (x  Polo Golden Angel. 
2006 Palomino colt
Stonelake ChicaBella ( x Palisade Gypsy Rose) 2007 palomino filly
3) Stonelake Zinnia (x R-Two Golden Amber) 2008 palomino filly
Stonelake Shenanigan (x Cricketdale Sweet Harmony) 2009 palomino colt


Link to Coppers pedigree, with pictures of ancestors

Here is a beautiful head shot of Coppers Sire, Rochaven Copper Mtn.




Photo by Deanna Baldwin of Baldwin Training Center. Photo editing by  Stonelake Web Design.

Coppers sire and dam. Sire is
Rochaven Copper Mtn (palomino)
and dam is Flashback's Jubilee Gypsy (chestnut)

Coppers maternal grandsire,
Quail Meadow Stormy, a Sabino liver chestnut.  Copper may very well also carry the sabino gene !



Photo Gallery

Copper, Christmas Eve, 2004

Copper is willing to be the Stonelake Santa this year!  This is Stonelakes e-Christmas card, featuring Copper who was a very willing Santa!
July 23, 2005.  I just love this guy! He is  16 months old in these pictures. Copper J has matured quite nicely, has a wide chest, short back, nice length of neck, level croup, and best of all, a super, super disposition.  I have learned that disposition is above all....a horse can be beautiful, but with a bad nature, it is not worth my time.  Through experience, I have learned to highly value a quiet disposition, and Copper J has one of the best! Click any picture below for a larger picture.

Here are some pictures in March 2006.   He is lunging well in the arena, is very forward, and appears to have the making of a nice sport horse stallion with his nice extension and 3 good gaits. 

May 07, 3 yrs old. 

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