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Violet Revolver
(Morannon Mescalero x Dandylion)
2005 Bay Sport Morgan Pony

For sale $3,400

2005 Bay mare.  Broke to ride- Violet is a really sweet yet spunky 5 yr old bay filly with a wonderful temperament and lovely movement for sport pony disciplines. She learns quickly and is very sensible and sane. She should mature about 14h. Violet would make a nice CDE pony or a mount for the smaller adult. I have ridden her at the walk and trot in the arena, over caveletti some. I ride her around the farm and in the open fields around her by ourselves without her being buddy or barn sour.  Sweet disposition, wonderful potential for dressage/driving/jumping. Has been trailered to 3 off-the-farm trail rides as well as around the farm here. Can be bred to any of my stallions if desired.  $3,400
Violet and I riding in the gorgeous snowfall we had here in Georgia





















Snow in February 2010

We had a great time traipsing thru the snow!

July 2009
Matthew on Violet.  Violet is still very green, and Matthew a beginner rider, but they walked around quietly and calmly, around the arena and over caveletti.  I was proud of both of them!

Violet is a very typey, bay filly with mostly Lippitt lines. She has a quiet temperament, yet with a bit of zazz that makes her enjoyable to work with.  Nicely built, with good legs, nice hip, a good length of neck, clean throatlatch, she moves very correctly and has 3 wonderful gaits suitable for a sport pony. Her trot is correct and with nice extension. She has a lovely head with beautiful almond-shaped eyes, a good jowl, clean throatlatch.

Link to pedigree

Trail ride pics March 2009

This was my first trail ride on Violet, she was such a good girl!  The other riders commented on how well she did and even behaved better than the seasoned trail horses! She was a joy to ride :)


Below photos of Violet, taken Oct 07.

Videos taken July 13, 2008
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5
Video 6

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