My Pilgrimage to Vermont, Home of the Morgan horse


Day 2 Friday, Aug 29 - AMHA offices and the Morgan Museum

As there was nothing going on until Friday afternoon with my family, I drove back to Burlington, and headed a few miles south down Hwy 7 to the AMHA offices in Shelburne.  Wow, another emotional time for me!  I'm sure the AMHA staff thought they had a nutcase on their hands as I expressed my excitement at being there (with quite a southern accent, I'm sure).  The Morgan museum is also in the same building so I definitely went there also. They were open 1-4 pm Fridays so my timing was perfect.

I must say this.....The staff at AMHA were so incredibly nice.  They answered my endless questions and Tyler and his staff patiently tolerated my giddiness at being there. I felt that I was at my Mecca!  Later, in a few days, I did find another part of my Mecca, but that is coming.....

The AMHA offices were not what I expected.  I was expecting a more formal, bustling atmosphere but found it to be rustic, quiet, and quaint, like Vermont itself.  I will share the pictures to give you an idea of the interior of AMHA and the wonderful artifacts, paintings, and statues that were on display in the building.

It amazes me and I know the wind
will someday surely blow it all away
It amazes me and I'm so very grateful
that you made the world this way
It Amazes Me Lyrics - John Denver


Inside AMHA.

Various pictures of the interior and the Morgan memorabilia inside. Photo to the right is what you see immediately upon entering AMHA. 

Click thumbnails to enlarge...

Lippitt Sally Moro painting Oil painting of Welcome

A nicely made Quilt commemorating
various Morgans

Beautiful Stained glass piece of Morgans pulling sleds in the Vermont snow



Left-Bronze statue. Below, another beautiful statue. Sorry, don't know the name of the horses, but I believe the statue was someone's rendition of Figure.

Bookcase with different examples of amateur Morgan art


In the Morgan Museum...

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Old sulky, pulled by Ethan Allen III.
Photo of covered bridge that Figure probably
crossed.  This bridge was right down the road
from where Figure was buried.
Wall displaying information on Figures 3 most famous sons.
Beautiful oil painting of Figure, I believe painted by  Jeanne Mellin
Nice statue and I believe some military pictures and historical military artifacts.

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