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Stonelake Michelangelo
(Adiels Snicker Zip x Mantic Michelle)
Chestnut splash/sabino colt foaled 5-29-2010

For Sale $6200





























"Micky" is a lovely, long-legged chestnut colt, half-brother to the new Pinto Morgan filly, Journeys Made to Order aka Maddie. Mickey carries the splash gene, indicated by the small blue spot in his left eye.  Other characteristics of splash and sabino are evident in his markings, a J-hook blaze, tall stockings, and chin white.  He is certainly a gorgeous boy, with very long legs and neck, short back, and just nicely balanced.


Photos of Micky 6-16-10











Mickey loves to use his long legs and run, run, run! He flies around the pasture with glee, driving his dam crazy. He is a happy colt, inquisitive and friendly.



 Mickey looks like he is going to have his dams lovely head with big, big eyes. He does not have that sabino/white sclera that is sometimes unattractive on sabinos, just a lovely, soft dark eye....but with a splash of blue in the left one.






Mickey is offered for sale after weaning to a breeding home who is aiming to breed splash pinto Morgans.  Inquiries welcome.



....he can't decide whether to be a park horse or a sport horse!




Two and a half weeks old now, Mickey has found his knees and hocks!  He trots naturally level with impulsion, balance, and rhythm. Lovely movement already for one so young......





Look out world, Here comes Mickey!






August 17th, 2010.  Mickey at almost 3 months old. He is growing tall and elegant, he will be a flashy show horse!

























Micky January 3rd 2011

He has lovely movement, and a big, floaty trot, lots of suspension that would put warmbloods to shame!


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