Stonelake Sirrocco
(Carringtons Choctaw X R-Two Golden Amber )
July 11, 2006 Palomino colt
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Photos taken November 15th, 2008

Sirrocco is maturing nicely, and is becoming a beautiful boy.  I also saddled him today, he took it very well.

Another Nov. 2008 photo. He has a nice demeanor, I feel this photo really reflects his personality. He is quiet and gentle. He won't be the tallest, but sure is sweet! He should mature to about 14h or so.

View Videos of Sirrocco taken June 9th 07. He is 11 months old.

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Video 1 Trotting 2973 KB
Video 2 Cantering 1892 KB
Video 3 Playing
Video 4 Cantering


Baby pictures


Sirrocco at 2 weeks old July 24 06
"Take time to smell the petunias"


Sirrocco at 1 month old
"Golden boy"


August 27 06, 7 weeks old

April 7th 07, 9 months old
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May 07

October 31, 07
"Growing up"

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