Stonelake Kalua Spice

(Stormwashed x Kings Princess Wildflower)
May 13, 2006 Grulla filly
Photo Album

Kahlua, just a few minutes old,
May 13 2006. Still wet from delivery, Kahlua was born in the stall while I was getting hay delivered.  I normally keep the mares outside, but had put them in stalls so the hay truck could drive thru the pasture they were in.  When I went back to turn the mares out, she was halfway delivered! What a pleasant surprise to see that grulla head!

Please come pet me!
9 Days old
May 22, 2006

Matthew and Kahlua
May 22, 2006. Here she is 9 days old and very friendly!
A pretty head shot of Kahlua
May 22 06.  She has an exotic, Arabian type head
with huge doe-like eyes and a tiny muzzle.

Kahlua has found her legs and loves to run!

~~~May 27th, 2 weeks old~~~

Kahlua is now 2 weeks old.  I couldn't ask for a friendlier foal.  She and her half sister, Mocha, are hard to get away from if I am out in their pasture.  They beg for scritchies and hugs!

June 5th,
3 weeks old.

Romping with Mocha
June 5th           

July 2, 06.
Kahlua is shedding her foal coat finally. She looks to have exotic make-up on at this time in her shedding! She is 7 weeks old now.

August 11th, 3 months old
Kahlua has finally shed out her baby coat, has remained a light grulla.  I love her color, along with her sweet disposition and lovely conformation.  She moves very well, very gracefully, with a light airy trot and a quiet, rocking canter. It will be time soon for her dam to go home, so we are working on weaning in preparation.

August 27th

Mocha, in front, leads the way. Kahlua is almost as big as Mocha, but not quite. They are halter broke, easy to handle, quiet and polite little ladies now!
Lula the Grulla models her hat!


Kahlua at one year old, May 2007


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