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My first horse, Sir Charles Rosario, also known as
"Charlie". He is a 21 year old Anglo-Arab who was
leased out in his later years as a lesson horse now.
He sadly passed away in 2008.

Stonelake Morgans is a small Morgan farm located on 60 rolling acres in Lexington, GA, Just outside of Athens.  I got my first Morgan (Navajo Jo-Jo) when she was 12 years old.  She turned 35 in June, 2008, and passed away 3 days later.

     I have 2 wonderful children, Matthew and Shanna.  They love animals too, and are grew up with their own responsibilities in taking care of our Border Collies,  numerous cats, and miscellaneous rescued animals such as baby squirrels and a pigeon.

In addition to the animals, I enjoy reading, gardening, antiquing, cooking, kayaking, swimming, running, weight lifting, hiking and exploring mountain trails and waterfalls.  I also enjoy music, and play a little guitar, piano, and keyboard.  My favorite singer is John Denver, and I enjoy Shania Twain, Jodee Messina, John Berry, and other country singers.

Rock and my daughter shortly after he arrived. 
This is my barn, my finally Dream come True.   I did these stall fronts from scratch myself, with a little help here and there from my hubby, Scott.  My barn has a tack room, 5 indoor 12 x 12 stalls, 2 open air 12 x 12 stalls, a 12 " aisle, a wash rack, and hay storage. It is central to 3 paddocks/pastures, to make feeding easy and convenient.  I don't stall horses unless there is a reason, such as excessive heat or cold, an injured horse, or to have a horse ready for a show.  I believe horses are happier and healthier outdoors in a group. 
My horses are my joy and my contentment. As I look out and gaze over my herd from my from porch each evening, or, when I come home from a hard 12 hour day at work, my contentment comes from them. Although some people would like nothing more that going home and resting after a hard 12 hour day, I look forward to driving up to my barn, getting out and doing my barn chores, talking to my horses, whispering my sorrows in their ears, sharing my frustrations, hugging their necks, kissing their muzzles, inhaling a sweet aroma from their presence. They are grateful for a scoop full of feed, good hay, fresh water, tender care, a sweet scratch here and there. I feel most content in their presence. I feel refreshed and re-energized, no longer tired after 12 hours on my feet.  They nicker their thanks, always grateful for what I provide, never complaining. 

My horses are my source of satisfaction, my beginning to my day, and my end.  I think endlessly of them. They are my life, my joys, my friends, my challenge, my success.  For there is no other time when I feel more accomplished that that moment when during riding,  when there is that sense of achievement when trying something more challenging, and accomplishing it.  Maybe just a good walk-trot transition from a green horse, or a jump nicely taken.  It is that moment when I know that I have reached that moment of trust from the mare that previously was mistreated, then I brought her into my barn,  and she shows with a lowered head and soft, trusting eyes, that she knows she is safe from harm with me.

There is no other feeling, than being with my horses. My life, my joy, my satisfaction, my friends.


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