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Stonelake Foals

2010 Foals

Stonelake Michelangelo

(Adiels Snicker Zip x Mantic Michelle)
Chestnut splash/sabino colt foaled 5-29-2010

For sale


Stonelake Wild Montana Sky
Adiels Snicker Zip x R-Two Golden Amber)
Foaled 5-17-10

Buckskin splash filly (R eye partially blue)
Not for sale

Stonelake Ballerina
(Adiels Snicker Zip x HCTF Lost in a Storm)
Foaled 3-20-10
Chestnut filly

For sale $1500

2009 Foals

Stonelake Shenanigan
(Cliffviews Copper Jubilee x Cricketdale Sweet Harmony)
Click here to go to photo album

For sale $2,000

Stonelake ZippityDooDah
(Adiels SnickerZip x Mantic Michelle)
2009 Bay colt foaled 6-8-09

Click here to go to photo album

For sale $1800



Stonelake Zinnia
(Cliffviews Copper Jubilee x R-Two Golden Amber)
2009 Palomino filly foaled 4-23-09

For sale $2,000

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Pics below at 3 weeks old

2008 Foals

The 3 fillies of 2008

Stonelake Storm Echo
(Carringtons Choctaw x HCTF Lost in a Storm)
April 08 Grulla filly

For sale $4,500

click to enlarge

Stonelake Sangria
(Carringtons Choctaw x Arapaho Penny)

June 2008 Chestnut sabino filly


Stonelake  Demitasse
(Carringtons Choctaw x Fletcher Music Katy)
June 2008 Black filly



2007 Foals

Stonelake RoxMySox
(Carringtons Choctaw x Storm Misty Delit)

view video 3 1/2 months

This is Stormys first foal, by Carringtons Choctaw.  Born February 21st at about 10 pm.  He is a flashy chestnut with 3 matching socks and a blaze set on a very pretty head.

What a pretty head!

I love my mommy!

Below, Rocket at 3 months old. Rocket has developed a lot of white hairs mixed in his main body coat, very curious.  I body clipped him finally, to relieve him of his heavy foal coat, and to see what lay underneath.

These 3 pics are before he was clipped
Click pictures to see large picture

June 16, '07
4 months old

Stonelake ChicaBella

(Cliffviews Copper Jubilee x Palisade Gypsy Rose)
Born July 12, 2007


Click to enlarge below photos

1 week old


2 weeks old


6 weeks old

Thumbnails - click to enlarge

6 week videos
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2006 Foals

Stonelake Mocha Spice

Born May 1st, was a beautiful black filly by Stormwashed out of Kings Mystic Arrow. She has a lovely shoulder and long legs, a beautiful face with a nice star.  She is friendly and curious, you can't get away from her!

Click here for Mochas photo album


Stonelake Kahlua Spice

Born May 13th, a grulla filly out of Kings Princess Wildflower.  Like her half sister, she is by Stormwashed.  She is also one you can't get away from, is in your pocket and begging for scritches. 

Click here for Kahluas Photo Album

Stonelake Calypso Spirit
May 31 '06 Black colt
(Carringtons Choctaw x Copy Me Minuet)
Click here for Calypso's Photo Album


Stonelake Sirrocco
July 11 '06 Palomino colt
(Carringtons Choctaw x R-Two Golden Amber)

For Sale $1,200

Click to see more pictures of Sirrocco

Stonelake Jingle Bells
Dec 06 Palomino colt
(Cliffviews Copper Jubilee x Polo Golden Angel)

click here for more pictures of Jingle!

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